Joe and Mindy's new house

 Wednesday March 27, 2002 -

Look, actual progress on landscaping and stuff.


Don't worry, that isn't Joe out front. Although, I understand that he is doing alot of work lately. Unfortunately, I just haven't "documented" any of that work. Yeah, that's it, documented.

Anyway, why all this heavy lifting and other related activity was in progress we snaged Joey and took a few normal and not so normal pictures.

  Here he was explaining how great his lion is (unfortuantely, it isn't in the pic)   A normal face I promised to put on the fridge (since we didn't have one)  
  A not so normal face, just because.      

Well, that's about it. I'm sure someone thinks it is about time this was updated, so there you go. I have pics of some of the add'l progress, but they'll get up here eventually.


 Friday November 02, 2001 -

Nothing actually to tell you. I just thought I would update this since it has been a month. Wow, I did however, notice that Joe makes progress on his yard alot faster than we did. After 6 months Dawn and I had started growing a nice weed farm out front. I know on a few seperate occasions we removed large weeds (over 5') from the front yard. Pretty sure we were here for over a year before we did the "landscaping".

FYI, we had Joey all day one day in October and I didn't even take a single picture. Can you imagine this???

 Monday October 01, 2001 -

Received 24 (or 26) yards of top soil and moved it around with a Kobota Joe rented. Dad stopped by around 3:30pm and all the work was done around 6 or so (I think). So now the front and back yards all have ALOT of dirt in them. Next we will probably clean it up a little and get a roller. Then layout where the sprinklers go and do some trench work. Finally lay sod and get the lawnmower.

 Wednesday July 04, 2001 -

Baby Joe goes to the parade. I only got a few good ones of baby Joe and family. Here they are -

  Here is a humorous one of a baby Joe face...   This would be a great family photo, except I cut off baby Joe's head. I put it up here anyway.  

 Saturday June 23, 2001 -

OK, nothing to do with the fence or working on Joe and Mindy's house. Today's entry has to do with Little Joe's birthday party. I took 171 pictures (some of which weren't all that good) plus Dawn has about 40 minutes with the camcorder (which I haven't looked at yet). I'll stick them up here eventually.

  Let the opening begin.   Little Joe wanted to share his horsey with his mom.  
  Big Joe had to help open something...   Oh, look, baby Joe got a COMPUTER GAME!!! I wonder if he'll ever get to play it??? (Hint, hint, wink, wink, etc, etc). Hey, feel free to call Big Joe and harrass him about it... I brought him a keyboard for it the other day, too.  
  More presents, more presents are good.   Little Joe gets a lesson in how to run his little dump truck  
  Then he takes it back to the party (yes, he is in about the middle of that pic).   Oooh, aren't they cute.  
  The birthday cake.   Big Joe taking the first cut.  
  Then suddenly crisis hit!!! A small wooden spoon was sacrificed to the alcohol gods in the middle of the party. Dad, blushing, shows us the spoon. Unfortunately, the photographer might have had enough given the unusual slant this picture exhibits...   Oh, look, baby Joe even gets one. (FYI, NO BABY JOE WASN'T ACTUALLY ALLOWED TO DRINK THE BEER - DON'T EVEN ASK.)  
  Big Joe finds out about the beer and something heppened to his face.   Baby Joe packs some cars outside to go for a ride in the BIGGEST PRIZE OF ALL!!!  
  His new car. Unfortunately, it was so exciting for everyone even the photographer forgot to get many pictures of it (but there is probably some video around here somewhere...      

 Sunday June 10, 2001 -

More about the fence. We finished it up. There are only a few photos (partially because this didn't take all that long). Some are a little disturbing to me (I'm sure you'll know when you see them).

  This is where the property line is.   Yes, there was some creativity involved in working with the property line. However, we stayed on Joe's side and the little yellow dot in the ground is there to prove it.  
  Smells like actual work. I wonder where Richard is?   Hmmm, another photo of work, no Richard.  
  Oops. Well, I'm sure he tried. (FYI, this is the disturbing one for me.)   See, Rich and Joe holding onto equipment trying to look important enough to not have to do anything. (I'm sure this works on some jobs)  
  Yep, so far it is working for Richard.   Yes, an occasional stern look of pseudo concern helps to bring out the look of management.  
  Here comes little Joe to help us out.   See, he is practicing that stern look of pseudo concern in anticipation of a management position.  
  I think he is on his way out back to see if we are doing a good job or not...   Oops, almost done. Hope he comes back soon otherwise he'll have to walk around (unless someone throws him over the fence)  
  Getting closer   Hmm, Richard might be actually using that drill. But, from this close up it almost appears that the screw is beside the drill. Hmmm...  
  Oh well, here is the completed actual work. Yeaaaa! Good Job Dad and Joe (and Richard if he did any work ).      


 Saturday June 9, 2001 -

The fence is partially in. But first, we should explore the latest environmental tragedy in oil transport:

  MAAAA! Look Ma! Jeb stopped his car in da drivem way ageen and it pissed. It helps that Joe is barefoot.   Big Joe is very excited about Jeb stopping by. Actually, this is an oil slick created by our friends at Butler Ford in Ashland. The next question is what will they be doing about it? (FYI, little Joe is wearing the boots that he can put on by himself.) (07/04/01 - Update, they aren't doing anything about it, but Big Joe bought a new truck from them!!!)  
  Here is the one out on the road. Apparently the car still runs, but I'll be interested to see what Butler does about the car and about the slicks. And please don't e-mail me and tell me that "oil isn't that important of a liquid in the overall vehicle - everyone knows GAS is the important liquid. Nothing happens when the oil runs out, but run out of gas on a lonely road and see what you think". (07/04/01 - Update, I didn't get any e-mail and they aren't doing anything about it, but Big Joe bought a new truck from them!!!)   Another angle... It kind of accents the trailer parked in front of it. You can almost see little welfare kids running after the ice cream truck. The ice cream man just yelling "Don't try and stop my unless you have money, little brats!" The mail man being accosted near the first of the month (whenever welfare check day is); actually, I guess that is probably over now that we have the Oregon Trail card.  
  Joe gets ready to stand up. Apparently he couldn't quite see what we were doing around the corner and it was getting hard to yell at us from here. (OK, so I made it up, but now that Joe has found an OPEC-certified oil slick in his driveway I have to fuel my jealousy and brotherly-love somehow.)   Well, unfortunately it doesn't just attach itself. But here it is moments before actual work began. Truth be told, I got the super easy quality control job of standing on the white bucket and making sure we were level. Joe actually had to do the most physically demanding job.  
  Here is part of what we are covering.   Here is some guy working on it (kidding Dad).  
  Then there was more working.   And finally it was complete.  
  Here are some quality control pictures. If you think all fences are straight, send me an e-mail and I'll forward a few pics of the fence my neighbor and I had built by some schmuck for $1,800.   Another QC/QA pic from the other side  
  Here is the last part, that we are completing today (Sunday, June 10) assuming there isn't any rain.      


 Sunday May 27, 2001 -

Well, it has been 2 weeks now and JOE'S HOUSE (I got an e-mail that said otherwise, so I had to put that in there) is progressing nicely.

  I'm sure she is awake, well, she was a minute ago???   Little joe stops by to see what we are doing. FYI, this qualifies as a family photo.  
  Dawn and Mindy check the couches for any possible lumping   Little Joe thanks us for the consult and takes Dawn's Pepsi in payment (not really, Dawn drinks diet Pepsi and we don't give it to Joe)  
  There you go, some fence posts...   More fence posts, that is about as exciting as this picture is going to get, huh?  
  Yep, looks like there is dirt there. Hmm, and a little yellow property line marker.   Joe gives it a looking over. Yes, I adjusted the colors on this photo because Joe's head is burnt to a lovely red.  
  Joe and Dad decide a few things (not sure what, just that they were deciding).   Little Joe wakes up and has a morning bottle on his way out to help fix whatever it was.  

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