Halloween 2001

Here are some beautiful pictures from Halloween.

  Kylie dressed up as a witch trying to recharge her glow in the dark fingers. Tyler is watching "patiently".   Mila chewing her wand.  
  Tyler with the waiting. Oh he is excited.   Mila (hmm, I think I should put a "thought cloud" on this one.  
  More of Mila just waiting to see what is going to happen next. Note the lovely how not to use the flash lesson that is apparent here.   I love the red beer in the foreground. I think Tyler almost fell asleep waiting.  
  It's candy handout time. I think we got a little excited.   Lisa with the "can you tell I'm pregnant" look.  
  Ramee with the can you tell I'm Suzanne's daughter look.   Every redneck's dream. Three women in the kitchen making food (well, actually I think this was eating, but you get the point).  
  Just a pic of Lisa since I didn't get any during last Thanksgiving.   Ramee with another lovely face for the camera. Caught mom with her eyes closed (I think she actually was shutting them so she didn't end up blinded).  
  Back to that redneck dream thing...   More redneck dream photos - just imagine she's getting you a beer  
  Ahh yes, another redneck dream - candy to go with my beer.   Damn, can't get a pic of Ramee without that face, huh.  

  Kylie finally shows the missing teeth - since it was impossible to get her to show them during our Anniversary trip in late September.   So much for the redneck dream - the woman has the beer and that almost looks like the remote in her hand. Hmm, can you tell me what is wrong with this picture?  
  Here is another example of how not to use the flash. Some may also notice that this is the 20th pic or so from the same position.   Mom and Ramee thinking about heading out.  
  Well, maybe not. Hi Susan. Sorry about chopping your head off, mom.   Time to run around the house. Notice that the women were sitting in those chairs - you can tell this is not a good redneck house - they moved.  
  Here are some great pics. Dawn keeps begging me to practice a normal face in front of the mirror or something.   Still not working very well, huh? Notice the multiple chins on the guy on the right (kinda a start on about 3 there I think).  
  Bugger check.   Ramee with a normal facial expression. I knew somehow it would happen.  
  Mom on her way out - I guess it is time to go trick-or-treat at her house, huh?   Cody hands out some of the stash.  
  Makes you almost wonder who is out there, huh?   Apparently they are leaving.  
  Angie and Matt discuss the finer points of something.   Matt kicked her in the shin so he could be the only one in he photo, of course, I screwed it up and chopped off his head.  
  Now she's pissed, but Matt is trying to distract her with a catalog apparently. I will say I was impressed to see Matt drinking responsibly at this party. Unfortunately, he was probably the most responsible out of all the adults.   Oh well, back to beating kids and getting ready to leave.  
  Everyone swarm on Grandma.   Kylie took this one and it turned out pretty good. This is one of those three generations photos (sorta).  
  Now about this one. Nice look, huh? Thanks Tyler.      

The end.